Huddle: Amerikkka


We love what this country promises to be. But hate how it treats people of color


Billy Blaze
Billy Blaze   47,322
Truth Seeker


  Do you feel that relations between blacks and whites are mostly positive, moderately positive, or negative?


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Reg Sykes
@Chris Radio ... I was thinking the same thing. Apparently, this site has been invaded by blaKKKs.
2020-08-10 06:57:01

lazareth moore
lazareth moore   87,568

@Reg Sykes nope its been invaded by mfs that think this is a black site controlled by whites because they just can't wrap their head around the fact that black people can do our own shit , so just in case they don't want to say or do anything to offend their perceived white people controlling this site behind the scenes. do you get it now ?
2020-12-31 17:03:26

Pamela White
Pamela White   2,874

2021-01-30 10:37:14

Billy Blaze

Billy Blaze  

Truth Seeker | 47,322 | Local time: 06:03 pm


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