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How long will the Black descendants of enslaved Africans continue to accept crumbs from the Government of the USA? In 2021 there was 149 cannabis prisoners in the USA Federal Bureau of Prisons with 29 convicted in the 4th circuit of Virginia, 20 of those prisoners are Black (ida.ussc.gov). President Joe Biden’s Pardon of thousands of simple possession convictions is really a slap in the face to anyone who was ever arrested for simple possession, intent to distribute or for selling the cannabis plant. The Afghanistan war is not the USA longest war, it’s the third, the war on indigenous nations that once roamed this continent is the longest. Joe Biden in 1993 testifying in front of congress, said it doesn’t matter of the child was deprived as a youth, he doesn’t care if the child didn’t have the social background to become socialize into the fabric of society, it doesn’t matter if they are victim of society he said, they must be taken off the streets, he went on the say unless we do something to that cadre of young people, ten of thousand of them born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without structure, without any conscious development. He even admitted to creating this cadre and that now they must be taken off the street (CNN). The second longest war is the war on the Black family. The 13th amendment did not end slavery in the USA, Black Codes, sharecropping, segregation, Jim Crow, and the New Jim Crow allowed slavery to continue.
FMR Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R) Florida say’s “it’s a good policy, that it makes sense’ “that peoples lives have been ruined just for simple possession maybe ten, twenty years ago” but no talk about helping to repair the lives of those lives ruined by the USA Government racist cannabis prohibition laws. The fact that they continue to use the word marijuana instead of cannabis, shows the racist component of the 1937 marijuana tax act. If you read the testimony when they passed this bill you will learn that race was used to pass it but, racism was not the only reason why the Wall Street and the Bankers wanted to make it very hard to grow this miracle plant, and with the help of the infamous Harry Anslinger they got their way. The government of the USA must do more than issuing pardons if they want to right the harm cannabis prohibition has caused. Today many people who survived for years selling cannabis responsibly have lost a very large part of their business, due to legal cannabis dispensaries, some long-time sellers probably have been arrested and had their assets seized and, in many states, they can’t even get a job in the legal industry because of the prior conviction. The plant Is still illegal under federal law and people are still being denied their freedom from behind the razor wire. We are asking that the Government end this component of its war on the Black family help repair the damage it has caused free the people and free the plant.
To learn more on how you can help end this war contact us twitter
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www.hempheals.us #uhuru
Kwame Binta

Kwame Binta @kwamebinta    

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