Huddle: B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)
B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)

B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)

This HUDDLE was created to discuss technologies & business solutions… And to network and practice Group Economics, including Pan African business!


André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr.   408,314
Sr. Energy Consultant


  Advanced iNergies LLC

Business & Professional Services (Minority Owned)
Advanced iNergies LLC


Advanced iNergies LLC was founded in 2007 as Advanced NRG Solutions (as a consulting firm) and we had to change our name in 2014.

After changing our name, we changed our focus and morphed into a company that subcontracts with different companies as an independent contractor.

The companies we selectively partnered with allows us to provide a plethora of cost & energy saving solutions to our clients; our focus being Commercial Properties.

Our SOLUTIONS include Supply Side Solutions and Demand Side Solutions... What does that mean?!

Supply Side Solutions are associated with providing a source for energy (Electricity & Natural Gas) to a facility from a REP (Retail Energy Provider) or a Alternative Energy Source (like Solar and Wind).

All supply side solutions saves the end user money as it reduces the cost per kilowatt hour you are paying.

Email us: ahenderson@engineer.com
Call our Office: (469) 573-8883
Call my Cell Phone: (214) 664-5154 #savemoney #saveenergy #electricity #alternativeenergy #renewableenergy #solar #batterybackup #merchantservices #CommercialElectricity


Merchant Services (Signature Payments):
We’re business owners too. We know how important it is to get paid. Since 1997 Signature Payments, has helped thousands of businesses of all types and sizes accept credit cards easily, while keeping it affordable, secure and forward-thinking. Whatever the business, Signature provides customized solutions and personal attention to help merchants grow. From business analytics to the latest fraud control technologies, we handpick tools that help your business perform its best. After all, your growth is at the heart of our success. Signature is the Goldilocks of payments technology…We are not too big, but we are not too small. We know payments and we know technology. Our technology platform offers an easy, secure integration and we maintain in-house developers and technology project managers ready to accommodate your unique requirements and timelines. Dynamic and responsive from start to finish. Complete a checklist so we know what equipment you’re currently using and a copy of your merchant statement for a no cost quote that could save your thousands annually!
Cost: $0

Commercial Electricity (Eastwood Energy Group):
We provide various TERM’S from 6 months to as much as 72 months (60 months and longer are typically for School Districts & Municipalities). We also have several products to meet your business needs including: ~Fixed All Inclusive ~Fixed Excluding Congestion (partially variable) ~Index Product (variable) ~Easy Flex (fixed & variable) ~Time Of Day (TOD) and Time Of Usage (TOU) We profile your business and let multiple providers compete for your business to ensure your getting the best market rate for your business! We will either find you a savings or price protect your business. *For a no cost quote... All we need is a copy of your commercial electric bill and authorization to pull your usage history!
Cost: $0

Supply & Demand Side Solutions (Energy Professionals):
We provide solutions on the Supply Side that includes both products from Retail Electricity Provider’s to Photovoltaic Systems as well as Wind Solutions. We can also provide MicroGrid’s. The Solutions on the Demand Side we provide include: HVAC, Energy Saving Lighting, Energy Management Tools, Battery Backup Systems, Complete Solar Solutions, Tankless Water Heaters, Wind Turbine/Hybrid Systems, Power Line Conditioning, Cost Recovery Services and several other energy & cost saving solutions. No cost quotes on all solutions!
Cost: $0

Solar Generator/Battery Backup (Univix):
The Bank allows up to 24-hours of emergency energy (15.6 kWh), making it capable of powering a home’s essential loads for an extended period of time. The Bank is transportable, safe, and includes built-in controllers for alternative energy sources, and a powerful inverter, which provides for far simpler and easier integration. And best of all, The Bank is incredibly affordable – unlike traditional energy backup solutions. Units come in 3 Wattage sizes, can be set up for stationary operation or used in transportable applications. Units available in 3 Power Outputs ⚡️ 6,000 Watts Peak (4,000 Watts-Continuous Use) Cost: $8,000 USD *($8,699 w/ aux battery) 9,000 Watts Peak (6,000 Watts-Continuous Use) Cost: $10,000 USD 12,000 Watts Peak (8,000 Watts-Continuous Use) Cost: $11,000 USD
Cost: N/A

Telecommunications Solutions (iTelecom):
We know the ever-evolving telecommunications industry can be hard to navigate. That’s why we do the legwork for you. Let our team of experts lower your costs while improving your call quality, network and public/private bandwidth. Best of all, we are your first line of support. You’ll never wait on hold with a carrier again. We offer solutions in Connectivity, Network Solutions & VoIP Phones and Power Supplies. Solutions are customized for each business: All we need is a copy of your networking, telephone and or internet bill (send in an email) and tell us what issues you have with your current system or functions your business needs, we have a solution. And we will either find you a SAVINGS... Or we will provide increased functions and features to your system at the same cost your paying now! Provide us a copy of your bill and we will find you a savings or increase your capabilities by adding more features and not increasing cost... We have several telecommunications solutions.
Cost: $0

Call Center Services (HDH Telecommunications LLC):
Looking to increase revenue for your products and services... We’ve partnered and focused on and only provide Inbound and Cross Selling Services through our Call Center. We can provide Outbound Call Services for customers that provide a scrubbed DNC List. Contact our Business Development Services for more details! * We bring Direct Campaigns to our Call Center for a flat fee per product sold or per system sold or per each enrollment of each service you provide. Let us increase your profits and be an extension of your sales force... Start selling through us now!
Cost: N/A

In Business Since:


André D. Henderson, Sr.

André D. Henderson, Sr.    

Sr. Energy Consultant | 408,314 | Local time: 04:52 pm


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