Huddle: Stand up be Black
Stand up be Black

Stand up be Black

Addnyour contebt

Just got a hate speech warning for violating community standards in United State of Africa Facebook group. I accepted the decision because I don’t see the point on fighting it.

I expressed an opinion about Russia and Ukraine war stating that “why should Black people care about white peoples’ war? What happened when nations go to war? They kill each other. That’s a fact. Right? Where is the hate speech here? If they want to go to war and kill each other, let them. They are always on same page when it comes to invading Black and brown countries. That’s not a popular opinion but it needs to be said. The minute anyone mentioned white people and killing in the same sentence they raised their red flags.

For decades, the music industry
has been promoting our genocide. Rappers can reach millions of people. Their explicit language and talk of violence was allowed to be broadcasted through our media propaganda machine. All that is required is an explicit language and violence sticker on the album to allow such blasphemy to be disseminated to the general public.

Black people can hate and kill each as being ordered whether explicitly or suggestively. Images of death and killing are always those of our people but I can’t express an opinion about Russia and Ukraine war without some agent telling me I have violated the community standards.
Maurice Aurelus

Maurice Aurelus @maurelus  

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