Get Paid to Post Links (Affiliate Marketing)

Get Paid to Post Links (Affiliate Marketing)

Post Links to Earn (Affiliate Marketing)

Earn by simply posting the links below to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, WhatsApp, chat, blog, email or blog sites. *

How it works
  1. Simply copy the links from one or more of the featured content below
  2. Post the links you copied to your favorite social media or blog site or use the "Share" button
  3. Everytime someone clicks on the links you shared you get up to 100 Bmunts
  4. Its that simple.

The more places you post these links the more Bmunts you will earn. You can track your earnings in the "My bmunts" section. Members earn up to $25.00 a day.

☆ Clicks from web traffic generator apps/sites will not be counted.
☆ Clicks MUST have an "HTTP referer header" to be counted.
☆ Bmunts are issued for unique visitors.
☆ Bmunts from traffic generator sites or apps will be removed.