Get Paid to Post Links

Get Paid to Post Links

Post Links to Earn Bmunts

Earn Bmunts by simply posting links of the featured Businesses, Exchanges (Classified ads), Skill, and Events on Blaqsbi to your favorite social media or blog sites ◇. This is a win-win opportunity for you and business owners on Blaqsbi.

Imagine, earning $100 for sending a Tweet. What if you could earn $1,000 for one Instagram post? Want to earn for simply posting links to social media or blog sites? Then you are in the right place.

How it works
  1. Simply copy the links from one or more of the featured content below
  2. Post the links you copied to your favorite social media or blog site or use the "Share" button
  3. Everytime someone clicks on the links you shared you get 5 Bmunts
  4. Its that simple.

The more places you post these links the more Bmunts you will earn. Members earn up to 8,000($8.00) a day.

☆ Bmunts are issued for unique visitors.
◇ Clicks from traffic generation sites or apps will be ignored.