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  Free Promotion to 700K Plus Blaqsbi Members

You can advertise your products and services on Blaqsbi at absolutely no cost. Simply use the Bmunts you earned for engaging in the platform to promote any of your posts to our 700K plus members. To earn Bmunts, all you need to do is invite friends, complete fun challenges, share posts and more.

1) Reach More People With Promoted Posts

Need to get your business to a larger audience or increase your brand awareness? Promote any of your post to all our 700K plus  members. We will show your post to as many people as possible. Promoted posts will be displayed in all huddles and main sections of the platform for up to 100K views.

Additionally, promoted Posts, Businesses, Exchanges, Skills, and Events will be displayed in the featured sections for the duration of the promotion. 

  • To promote a new post, simply check the "Promote this post" box when creating a post and follow the directions.

    Promote Your Post
  • To promote an existing post, simply click on the ellipsis on the top right corner of the post then click on the "Promote this post" link then follow the directions.

    Promote Your Post

2) Pay Per Click/Watch Promotional Challenge

Here is a sure way to promote your web page or video. Create a challenge where members earn Bmunts for clicking on a link to your web page or for watching the full length of your video.

You only pay when members engage your content. Click on the button below to create a promotional contest.

3) Additional Perks

When you purchase Bmunts for your promotion, your profile is added to our Top 10 Supporters section for the duration of the month the purchase was made.

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